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Lady Liberty Kids Costume DIY June 29 2018, 0 Comments

The only thing I love more than the Fourth of July is dressing up.  Luckily, you can do both! I was thrilled to work on this halloween DIY for June and January last year and thought it would be the perfect summer DIY for the 4th.  Now, let's get crafting so you can go enjoy the summer.

  • Cut out template 
  • Pin to two pieces of mint felt -- then cut
  • Glue spikes together leaving the rectangular sides and bottom unglued 



  • Slip the elastic in the bottom opening 
  • Carefully glue the bottom together leaving the sides unglued

lady liberty the wishing elephant


Lady liberty crown diy


  • Glue black semi-oval pieces to the front and enjoy! 

4th of july costume

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Pettey

Journey is wearing a mint ballet, mint twirl skirt, and a mint basic blanket tied around her neck. 


Not into DIY?  Shop our costumes here.


The Best Literary Costume: Madeline May 23 2018, 0 Comments

We've been offering our popular Madeline costume for just over two years!  Since we designed this costume to be compatible with a dress you already own (or one you can wear again after halloween), we decided it's the versatility that you loved. Then, we questioned if it's simple nostalgia and a love for classic literature. We then decided this costume's popularity was due to the ridiculously cute models.  Whatever the reason that you love this beauty, we are so thrilled to be offering it again this year!  

Free Inspirational Quote January 12 2018, 0 Comments

A New Room For Taylor! July 11 2017, 1 Comment

tailors room makeover

Taylor is our ever enthusiastic and creative 6 year old. Her room is small and hadn't been updated since the nesting days. When she came to us and asked for a "new room" we were more than ready to help. One Pinterest board and many hours of discussion later we started her epic room flip!

betties girls bedding

The first area we decided to tackle was the bed. When we found Beddy's, we also fell in love.  This genius bedding eliminates one of the biggest parenting struggles.. getting your littles to make the bed!  Taylor has a day bed from Ikea and making the bed can be a nightmare. Beddy's fits over the mattresses like a fitted sheet and the supersoft blanket zips up like a sleeping bag. Best. Bedding. Ever.

blue house joys canopy

Next we searched around for canopy and FELL IN LOVE with Blue House Joys.  BHJ also makes gorgeous floor pillows and book slings so you can essentially outfit your whole room here. Since Taylor's room is small, we picked a classic white canopy to help keep the room light and bright. These handmade play canopies are sewn using a drapey, sheer cotton gauze fabric. (pro tip...signing up for the newsletter will save you 15%)

canopy girls bed

This room is blessed with two very large windows which essentially take up an entire wall.  It didn't take us long to realize that the unused space in-between the windows would be the perfect bow station.  We are so lucky to have two Baby Jives bow holders and a pretty stellar collection of Mina Loves Bows clips. WARNING: your daughter will dilly dally at the bow station... be prepared.

baby jives bow holder

mina loves bows

We all want our kids to read more so sprucing up a book nook is worth the effort. We set up our reading nook with  Tnees Tepee's and one of their super soft faux fur rugs. Reading has never been so coveted in our house! We added a string of our flower lights (find the tutorial here) to give Taylor that fairy feel she was looking for. EDIT: We've had so many request for our Slay Your Own Dragon wall hanging that we've decided to produce a limited run. Find them here.

tnees tepees unicorn

Obviously we are a family that loves dress up. We decided to add clear hooks to this previously unused corner of the room and transform it into a pretend play area. Most items are TWE but these gorgeous rainbow wings are from our friends Tree and Vine. Thank you for reading, I hope you found some makeover inspiration!

the wishing elephant

girls costume

flower fairy costume

slay your own dragon




DIY Flower Fairy Lights Tutorial April 17 2017, 0 Comments

What you need:

Sharp Scissors (I use these)

Glue Gun 

Felt, one color for flower one for greenery. 

Christmas (Fairy) Lights

Flower Fairy Light Supplies

First you'll cut your petals. Please see the picture below for shapes, I cut mine about an inch tall. You'll need 5 petals per light. Fan all five petals out and glue together. 

Place the fanned petals around the light. Place a strip of glue along the base of the petals and wrap around the light. Hold for a few seconds until the glue hardens.

Next you'll have to cut the greenery. Cut the leaves in the shape shown below. If you place the bottom of the leaf on the folded edge of the felt, you'll get the second shape shown in the photo.  Each leaf is about 1" for a total of 2" for the second shape. 

Place a two small balls of glue in the center (what will be the bottom) of the leaves. Place the leaves on the bottom of the flower and hold in place until the glue dries.

I added extra leaves in between each flower for a fuller look. Use the same process as above, just with less glue. 

That's it!  It's really so simple.  Please let me know if you try it and if you have any questions.  As always, tag us on Instagram with your finished product!

Mermaid Treasure // Crystal Seashells March 31 2017, 0 Comments


Mermaid Treasure // Crystal Seashells

You know the DIY projects that leave you yelling at your kids “THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN”? Well, this is NOT one of them. This project is simple, quick and has a pretty stunning result. It’s a slam-dunk. The first you’ll need to raid your weirdo collection of natural objects for seashells. Oh, you don’t have one of those? Ahem, me either. Totally. Well, you can buy some HERE, HERE or check the dollar store! (too much effort? I get it… go grab some rocks)

Then you’ll need powdered borax… you can find it in the laundry aisle at the grocery store or HERE. You’ll also need to find a large shallow dish. (I used a large Ziploc HERE container juuuuuust in case I had to throw it away ... spoiler alert: I didn’t)

Okay! You have all the things. Now you need to measure out 1 1/8c. of borax and dissolve it in your container with 6 cups of extremely hot water. You are smart enough not to involve your child in the almost boiling water part, correct?

When the water has cooled down a bit (I repeat: do not scald your child) you can start to place the shells in the container in a single layer. The part of the shell that is facing up will attract the crystals, so keep that in mind. Wash your hands when you are done. Borax is safe-ish but you don’t want to eat it. Did you hear that parents? Don’t let your child eat the laundry soap.

Now, tuck that bad boy away for the night and try not to touch it. In the morning, dump out the excess water and place your seashell bounty on paper towels to dry. Now you get to celebrate because you completed a project without yelling at your kids. CONGRATULATIONS!

We’ve displayed our mermaid treasure high on a windowsill but I think they would also be fun in a little glass jar.   If you managed to get through this without scalding your child, please tag me in your Instagram photos!

Carolyn (@thewishingelephant)

The Wishing Elephant's debut on ABC! Well, not really. January 19 2016, 0 Comments

Press, it's so wonderful. It's so fun! It's so fickle...

This fall we were asked to put together a short video about our Halloween costumes for a news feature.  Unfortunately, some real news popped up and our segment was cut.  Boohoo, right? Ehhh, not really.  I'm thrilled to have a video I can share that gives a little insight into TWE during costume season. Check it out!!!


Bunny Mania March 27 2015, 0 Comments

Clearly I'm very interested in bunnies right now.  It's spring (somewhere) so in my gleeful springy mood, I put together this bunny board.  It's Friyay, lets shop!!



Bunny Dress 

Bunny Bracelet 

Bunny Moccs 

Bunny Purse

Bunny Ear Bow

Magical Things 'A Brewing February 08 2015, 0 Comments

I've been thinking pretty hard about this little business.  Where is it, where I want it to go and how to get there.  I am completely sure that I can only be successful when I am true to who I am.  

What I make is so intertwined with who I am, that I feel lack luster when things begin to stray from my own general philosophies.  It's a crazy world out here folks and so easy to be unconscious in your day to day.  I took a long hard look at my line and really reconsidered what I'm making.

This spring, I am going to try to take you all on a little journey to the magical, the playful and simply... the fun.  I am heavily inspired by both gorgeous textiles and the forecasted popular pastel colors of 2015. I looked to classics like Alice in Wonderland (can I mention Downton Abbey here?). I looked to visual stunners such as Lord of the Rings and Fantasia. I also looked to my children. Things may get a little phantasmagorical around here.  Are you ready? 

Childhood is such a wonderful time. From the emotional freedom to the magical imagination, it's inspirational and down right covetous. Providing our children the room to feel this magic helps us to conjure up our own wonder. So perhaps this collection is a little bit for you, a little bit for me and a lot for them.


*Here is a little sneak peek of a few of the items that will be arriving soon*

Kids Flower Crown Tutorial April 29 2014, 0 Comments

My daughter is forever pointing out purple things and flowers. It's a crazy jackpot when we see purple flowers.
Needless to say, when we walked into the craft store and right into a wall of purple flowers, we NEEDED TO BUY THEM.
While she was picking out ALL the flowers, I was racking my brain for a project. That's when it popped in my head - flower crown.  This project was so simple and quick. It really only took about 30 minutes.
You'll need:
Fake flowers
Wrapped floral wire
Floral tape
Wire clippers

Flower picking: keep it simple. The smaller the better (seriously they look smaller in the store and huge on your kids head). Go for the expensive ones. I bought some cheaper flowers and ended up not using them because they were awful. Don't forget the greenery!
Strip the flowers down so that they are single stem. I separated the leaves and used a few, but not all.
Arrange the flowers the way you might like them to lay on flower crown. I changed mine on the fly, you probably will too.
Get out your floral wire and cut a long piece (maybe 1 ft?). Then wrap it once around your child's head for size (loosely) and continue to wrap the excess. Think grape vine wreath. Now you have your base.
Start on one side and wrap the floral tape around the stem. Continue laying down your flowers & greenery and wrapping as you go. I wrapped and snipped the excess ends. After I trimmed the ends, I re wrapped so that no ends were exposed. I used a ton of floral tape, but it was necessary. Those exposed flower ends have wire, ouch!!

Anyway, that's pretty much it. It's so simple are super fun. My daughter loves her crown. Maybe a little too much.