Kids Flower Crown Tutorial

My daughter is forever pointing out purple things and flowers. It's a crazy jackpot when we see purple flowers.
Needless to say, when we walked into the craft store and right into a wall of purple flowers, we NEEDED TO BUY THEM.
While she was picking out ALL the flowers, I was racking my brain for a project. That's when it popped in my head - flower crown.  This project was so simple and quick. It really only took about 30 minutes.
You'll need:
Fake flowers
Wrapped floral wire
Floral tape
Wire clippers

Flower picking: keep it simple. The smaller the better (seriously they look smaller in the store and huge on your kids head). Go for the expensive ones. I bought some cheaper flowers and ended up not using them because they were awful. Don't forget the greenery!
Strip the flowers down so that they are single stem. I separated the leaves and used a few, but not all.
Arrange the flowers the way you might like them to lay on flower crown. I changed mine on the fly, you probably will too.
Get out your floral wire and cut a long piece (maybe 1 ft?). Then wrap it once around your child's head for size (loosely) and continue to wrap the excess. Think grape vine wreath. Now you have your base.
Start on one side and wrap the floral tape around the stem. Continue laying down your flowers & greenery and wrapping as you go. I wrapped and snipped the excess ends. After I trimmed the ends, I re wrapped so that no ends were exposed. I used a ton of floral tape, but it was necessary. Those exposed flower ends have wire, ouch!!

Anyway, that's pretty much it. It's so simple are super fun. My daughter loves her crown. Maybe a little too much.
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