Magical Things 'A Brewing

I've been thinking pretty hard about this little business.  Where is it, where I want it to go and how to get there.  I am completely sure that I can only be successful when I am true to who I am.  

What I make is so intertwined with who I am, that I feel lack luster when things begin to stray from my own general philosophies.  It's a crazy world out here folks and so easy to be unconscious in your day to day.  I took a long hard look at my line and really reconsidered what I'm making.

This spring, I am going to try to take you all on a little journey to the magical, the playful and simply... the fun.  I am heavily inspired by both gorgeous textiles and the forecasted popular pastel colors of 2015. I looked to classics like Alice in Wonderland (can I mention Downton Abbey here?). I looked to visual stunners such as Lord of the Rings and Fantasia. I also looked to my children. Things may get a little phantasmagorical around here.  Are you ready? 

Childhood is such a wonderful time. From the emotional freedom to the magical imagination, it's inspirational and down right covetous. Providing our children the room to feel this magic helps us to conjure up our own wonder. So perhaps this collection is a little bit for you, a little bit for me and a lot for them.


*Here is a little sneak peek of a few of the items that will be arriving soon*

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