Anything is Popsicle!

Anything is Popsicle!

If your child is like mine, heck, if you are like ME, there is nothing better than a Popsicle on a hot day! I was boredom browsing online when I came across these Zipzicle Molds and it got me thinking about how we used to make homemade popsicles as a kiddo in those cheap plastic molds. Then I remembered I actually have some of those hidden in the depths of our kitchen junk drawer! I purchased the Zipzicle tubes and dug out the old plastic molds and just knew it was time to teach Owen the joy of creating frozen treats. I mean, after all, Anything is Popsicle! And it's true, you can literally make most things into a popsicle if you freeze it long enough.
I decided to let Owen have free reign in the grocery store to pick a couple things for his pops, and I chose a few (boozy) things and we got creating. We grabbed lots of fresh fruit, lemonade, sangria, and pudding, which honestly, I did not include in this post because it was an epic fail.
I also did a little online snooping and found some really fun recipes to try in the future. I will add printable recipe cards for the pops we made as well as some future pops we are going to try!
So let's get cool, kids.

First up, Owen's choice, Raspberry Lemonade. Super Easy, and so damn good. We also made just a couple straight lemonade pops out of left over juice and it was equally as refreshing.

find the Raspberry Lemonade Popsicle Printable Recipe Card Here
Next up, Another Owen creation. Pineapple Banana! I would like you all to know, he named it "Nana P(ee)", but for obvious reasons, I chose to skip that name.
Find the Printable Pineapple Banana Popsicle Recipe Card here. (p.s. add rum to this one for an Adult treat!)
Okay, Here is one for me! I love Sangria in the Summer, So naturally, I had to make that into a freeze pop!
Find the Printable Berry Sangria Popsicle Recipe Card Here
The last of Owen's creations is this Blueberry Peach Yogurt pop, which he suggests is fantastic, but since I don't partake in peaches of any sort, I can not validate this. 
 Find the printable Blueberry Peach Yogurt Pop Recipe Card Here
 Okay, Now onto recipes we will be doing in the future. We did try a pudding pop recipe of my own creation and it was a flop, so I had to search and find the correct way to do my fav childhood treat. This weekend I will restore my ego by following This recipe!
This birthday pop also looks incredible and I think I will opt to have these instead of cake this year for my own birthday celebrating! Download the recipe card here!
And lastly, but certainly not least, this recipe is my love language. It is pretty labor intensive, but I can only imagine the results are worth it! Banana cream pie is my all time favorite dessert, so I will be trying these ASAP! Download the recipe card here!

 Now, go get pop-ing! 
Megan E Badger
P.S. if you have a pop recipe you LOVE, drop it in the comments so I can try it!
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Wow , i learned something new here. i wish you will post more article just like this one

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