Write Stuff Valentine's!

Write Stuff Valentine's!


Valentine's day is like, less than a month away! Isn't that wild? As it swiftly approaches, I figured I better start brainstorming some cute, fun, but affordable DIY Valentine's I can easily create and assemble for my son's class. I knew I wanted to skip any edible options as he has some friends with some really tough allergies. Then it hit me, since his focus in the classroom right now is learning to write and identify letters, I thought I would lean right into that. And if your child is like mine...Pencils and Pens are like gold. He will choose a pencil, "like a big kid" over a crayon any day!

So let's get into it. What you will need: Scissors, A single hole punch, Pencils, Bakers twine (fun fact, I grabbed mine from the Valentine's section of the Target dollar spot!), and these two downloadable templates: Word Search // Valentine

I picked up these cute little pink heart pencils at  Ellie and Piper Party Boutique.. She also carries these amazing white ones

Target Pencil Bundle 

 Pretty Pink Pencils

Write Your Heart Out

To die for Mint pencils

Assembly is easy: After you have cute out the word search and valentine's, lay the valentine on top of the word search and line up the top left corners. Punch a hole through them both. Lay the pencil over the hole, string your bakers twine through the hole and tie around the pencil securing it to the Valentine's! Takes no time but really gives you that pinterest mom feel! I filled in the names of my son's classmates and then had him sign them all himself!

And boom, a simple, quick, and budget friendly Valentine that looks like you have your life together....even if you don't. Like me! 

I will be back with more fun Valentine posts and maybe another edible Valentine if you are more into treat giving!


Megan E Badger

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