DIY Flower Fairy Lights Tutorial

What you need:

Sharp Scissors (I use these)

Glue Gun 

Felt, one color for flower one for greenery. 

Christmas (Fairy) Lights

Flower Fairy Light Supplies

First you'll cut your petals. Please see the picture below for shapes, I cut mine about an inch tall. You'll need 5 petals per light. Fan all five petals out and glue together. 

Place the fanned petals around the light. Place a strip of glue along the base of the petals and wrap around the light. Hold for a few seconds until the glue hardens.

Next you'll have to cut the greenery. Cut the leaves in the shape shown below. If you place the bottom of the leaf on the folded edge of the felt, you'll get the second shape shown in the photo.  Each leaf is about 1" for a total of 2" for the second shape. 

Place a two small balls of glue in the center (what will be the bottom) of the leaves. Place the leaves on the bottom of the flower and hold in place until the glue dries.

I added extra leaves in between each flower for a fuller look. Use the same process as above, just with less glue. 

That's it!  It's really so simple.  Please let me know if you try it and if you have any questions.  As always, tag us on Instagram with your finished product!

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