DIY:  Mountain Advent Calendar

DIY: Mountain Advent Calendar

I am going to be honest here, this may be my favorite thing I have ever made. Mostly because it fulfills a few of my needs. The great desire for a fun Advent calendar is something I have wanted for years and one that didn't cost a small fortune to procure, make or buy. I think this year is the year I have hit the nail on the head. You need just a few things you already have at home too, so skip the $70 trip to Michael's and join me in my favorite craft ever!

What you will need:

A color printer, a computer, printer paper, scissors and tape or glue. That is it! So let's get into the how!

First start by printing the easy template I have created for you. You can find that HERE The easiest way to print the multi page template is to click the four "thumbnail view" squares under the image of the template, once you see all the pages, right click and print.

Once you have printed the whole template, simply cut out each soon to be mountain by following the outside black line. Once they are all cute out, roll up and tape or glue along the edges by overlapping the colored edge over the white section left for glue.I chose to tape each cone as it was easier and I had it on hand.Owen helped me cut and tape each mountain, it was a fun little activity we did together in under an hour.

Once you have them folded, they should look like a bunch of party hats and your "mountain range" is ready to be displayed. We chose to randomly display them in no particular number order, more by size, but they would be amazing lined up in order along a mantle or as a centerpiece along a dining table.

We will be hiding mostly a small candy under each days mountain as a nod to the traditional Advent Calendar along with some special notes that are redeemable for special movie nights, a special dinner choice and some tokens for unlimited hugs. I will also mix in a small prize here and there as well. These are few things I am loving that would be a perfect fit for this countdown! 

1. Magnolia Made Creative Bow // 2.Christmas Charm Necklace// 3. Tattoos // 4. Peppermint Necklace // 5, Tiny Wood Car // 6. Snowflake Crayons // 7. Mismatched space socks // 8. Mini Lego Sets // 9. Frozen 2 Pop Adventures

And that's it! It's amazing how cute some taped up paper can look! Drop a comment and tell us what you will be hiding under your mountains. And of course, if you make this, please tag us over on insta, we would love to see!


Megan E Badger

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