Ghoulish Garlands

Ghoulish Garlands

It's officially spooky season and I am ready to decorate. My problem is, I haven't found anything I just love in stores or online. I knew I wanted pink, purple and black decor as those are Owens personal favorite colors and his space is the one I am decorating here today! So to the craft store I went to search for inspo and boy did I find it! Below you will see two very easy garlands and how I made them come to life. Let's get started with the pink skeletons!

Skeletons // Pink Spray Paint // Bakers Twine // Yarn // Felt Kitty Cut-outs 

First things first, I started by spraying my mini skeletons! I simply laid them out and sprayed each side. I went with two coats on each side. You can see below that one coat is totally fine, I just loved the look of the more saturated pink!

 Next up, Tassels! While the skeletons were drying, I began on the tassels. You will need 8 total. You can go with solid colors, a mix of colors or whatever fits your decor best, I went with these 3, as it is our decor colors throughout my house this year for spooky season!


I am going to go ahead and link the Angie Holden Yarn Tassel Tutorial  on YouTube. This is how I learned how to make them, and this is exactly how I did it for this. Instead of using a single color, I used all three at once but followed the same guide lines! Once you have 8 made, you are good to go!

Once those are made, it's time for assembly! See, I told you it was easy!

And now it's ready to be hung, which we will get to, but first, let me show you the second super easy garland!


All you will need is these print outs

You can download them here(Haunted House // Candy & Bat // Pumpkin & Skull // Ghost ). You will need 2 of each element, the same bakers twine as above, a hole punch and scissors!

Simply cut out each shape, punch a hole and string them as you like! 

And that is it! Both garlands took little time, little money but made a really cute big impact. I love the way Owen's spooky space is coming together!



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