Give Thanks and Dress Cute

Give Thanks and Dress Cute

Hey, Hey I'm here to share some flat lays!

As Thanksgiving and cooler weather is upon us, I thought I would pop in to share some of my favorite looks of the season while highlighting all the goodies dropped last week! 
I love a good flat lay, and if you didn't know me before blogging over here, I have spent endless hours shoving them in my friends faces and sharing them over on facebook at Fries Before Guys // TWE Chat . It's actually how I got started in blogging in the first place!
Anywho, here are some of the looks I put together with the cute and cozy TWE Fall line!


First Up, a little Sister Set with the Pies Before Guys Tee !

Little Sister Mauve Pies Look: Skirt // Bobble Sweater // Knee Highs // Bow // Shoes
Big Sister Peach Pies Look: Skirt // Sweater // Knee Highs // Bow  // Shoes

Now onto the Brothers of the house with the Pie Guy Tee & Pie Guy Long Sleeve

Little Brother Oil Blue Pie Tee Look: Pants // Cardigan // Bonnet // Boots
Big Brother Long Sleeve Pie Guy Look: Flannel // Pants // Shoes // Beanie

Let's Get Cozy!

Long Sleeve Look: Skirt // Boots // Vest // Bow // Tights

Hoodie Look: Joggers // Shoes // Beanie // Treasure Pouch

Just a little more Pie love!


Sister Look: Tutu // Jacket // Purse // Boots // Head Wrap

 Brother Look: Button Up // Pant // Boots 


And Finally, The motto of the season. Grateful, Thankful & Very Full

Girl Look: Beanie // Jeans // Boot Socks // Shoes // Jacket

Boy Look: Suspender Corduroys // Cardigan // Beanie // Shoes

 And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed a classic Megan Flat Lay post. What is your favorite look. Drop a comment, I would love to know!

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