Good Egg-Simple Easter Sugar Cookies

Good Egg-Simple Easter Sugar Cookies

Holidays always come with some sort of baking, at least in my family. As we have discussed before, I am the baking black sheep of my family. It's like my entire family got this amazing chef gene that completely skipped me all together. Therefore, I am always looking for a way to wow my family around festive times, yet not work too hard or get myself in too deep with a baking project I can't handle.

Cookies are my forever go to. They are easy enough, affordable, and even when I mess them up, they tend to be pretty edible for the most part. But I was looking for more of a sure thing this time, so I turned to the ole' Pillsbury dough boy. He has never let me down. I turned simple pre made sugar cookie dough into some pretty cute eggs if I do say so myself. Check it out!

As you can see here, One is broken! I just piped around the edge and shoved a peep in it like I meant to do that. Don't tell anyone it wasn't intentional!


Join me back here next week, I will have some cute and simple egg decorating ideas!



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