Hella Hygge

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If you haven't heard, The Wishing Elephant is releasing maybe my favorite design of the season on December 13th; Hella Hygge! The best part? It's not only for your little, but this one is for you too! Owen and I got into the Hygge spirit, cozied up and drank hot cocoa in celebration. Here is a little sneak peak of the final design!
What is Hygge you ask, and why am I so excited?
Hygge is a traditional Norwegian & Danish act of creating a mood of coziness that employs a feeling of contentment or well-being.  As a person that lives in the Northeast, the tundra as I call it, I am usually dreading the long months of the harsh, cold and blustery Winter. I, like many during these months, struggle with focusing on the gray skies instead of what I could be creating with the gift of cooler months. Hygge is simply enjoying life's simple pleasures. Shifting your outlook on what these months entail. A hot cup of cocoa, a warm blanket, an evening in with friends, a board game in front of the fire with your little's. This year, this Winter, is all about practicing the art of staying Hella Hygge!
This brings me to my favorite gift idea of the season. The gift of cozy. I have gathered a few of my favorite items to help get your loved ones in the Hella Hygge mindset.  
Candle // Mug // Socks // Hygge Book // Chocolate Bar // Marshmallows  
Clearly there are some ingredients in this gift guide just begging for Hot Cocoa, I mean, what is better on a cold day than a pair of cozy socks while curled up on the couch with the ultimate Hot Chocolate in your mug. Here is what I would consider the best hot chocolate of all time! 
Print it out on a nice card stock and toss it in the basket with all the other goodies above! You can download the card template here!
 Now, tell me, what are your plans for your new Hygge frame of mind! 


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