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Lady Liberty Kids Costume DIY

The only thing I love more than the Fourth of July is dressing up.  Luckily, you can do both! I was thrilled to work on this halloween DIY for June and January last year and thought it would be the perfect summer DIY for the 4th.  Now, let's get crafting so you can go enjoy the summer.

  • Cut out template 
  • Pin to two pieces of mint felt -- then cut
  • Glue spikes together leaving the rectangular sides and bottom unglued 



  • Slip the elastic in the bottom opening 
  • Carefully glue the bottom together leaving the sides unglued

lady liberty the wishing elephant


Lady liberty crown diy


  • Glue black semi-oval pieces to the front and enjoy! 

4th of july costume

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Pettey

Journey is wearing a mint ballet, mint twirl skirt, and a mint basic blanket tied around her neck. 


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