Leprechaun Houses!

Leprechaun Houses!

I know we have all heard about Leprechaun traps, but what about Leprechaun houses? I admittedly have been in a real creativity rut. I have said that before, but the Pandemic is draining me in every way, as it is all of us, and in turn, has really left me struggling for ideas to bring joy, creativity and fun into our home and here on the blog! BUT, this one kind of fell in my lap and I am so glad it did, bc it was wonderful to unplug and paint for no other reason than to create and hang with my number one guy, Owen. 

I have had these unfinished bird houses in my craft closet for like, a year and a half. We just never got around to doing them. They are super cheap at Michael's and come in a million shapes and sizes. Owen had been wanting to make a Leprechaun trap, so I was in my craft closet looking for supplies when I stumbled upon these bad boys! So, Leprechaun traps became houses and the rest is history. A real....ummm...love story? Nope, not that. But a craft story! I pulled out a bunch of my craft supplies and got going. I personally didn't purchase anything other than these gold coins,  for this craft bc I am a supply hoarder by nature, I had these paints on hand , I always do. One of my toxic traits is buying 5 new colors every time I step foot in Michaels, they are just so cheap and you never know when you need them! Other than that, I just went to town! There are no rules with this incredibly free spirited, easy and very affordable holiday craft!

I am in the midst of working on a really fun Easter idea, I can't wait to share! Until then, happy crafting!

xoxo, Megan

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