2020 Fulfillment

2020 Fulfillment

As Christmas winds down, and we ramp up for a new year and the kids are off of school and we hopefully have a little extra time at home during this week, it felt like the perfect time to share my new motto, No more resolutions! That is my plan for this new decade. I will not walk into this new year with weight loss, fiscally limiting, insanely unrealistic resolutions that set myself up for failure. Those hold no value here.

Instead I will walk into this new decade with one goal: to create a year of fun, fulfilling and memorable moments for myself and my family. No more sad salads for all of January, no more gym memberships I will never use, no more grand plans of an all inclusive Hawaii vacation, no more privileged wants, just simple attainable goals.

I have begun, and will continue to create my "2020 Fulfillment list" as the year progresses. I encourage you and yours to do the same! This is all about family goals, personal goals, and even community goals to make appreciating the little things a bigger part of life as well as focusing on making life more memorable without breaking the bank. 

I created a template HERE for you to download if you need a simple guide to help you get started, but really, this can be written anywhere! A white board, a chalk board a giant poster on a door or a tiny notebook you slide into your purse. Where ever you hold these goals doesn't matter, just the desire to make 2020 and beyond a lot less....daunting...and a lot more fulfilling.

Here is what my list look like...for now...



Don't get me wrong, this list is far from done, in fact, I have printed 3 blank copies to keep adding too. I have a lot of goals for this coming decade, but I will not feel shame if I don't "stick to a resolution", I will focus on what this list means to me, the how I can make them a reality and just keep chugging along like the rest of us.

Let's all make 2020 the year of fulfillment, however that looks to you!

Cheers to a Happy, Healthy and mindful new year ahead. But don't worry, I will be back at the beginning of next week with a fun New Years Eve craft for you and kiddos!


Megan E Badger




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