Little Sugar Plums

Little Sugar Plums

Tis the season for all things sparkly, magical and if you are me, all things that look like I put a ton of effort into them, but didn't. Isn't that what magic is anyway, just an illusion? ANYWAY, I digress. I have been itching to do a craft for a bit and looked to the Holiday line for inspo. Little Sugar Plums just felt right. I am not the first or the originator of clothespin dolls or ornaments, in fact, we had more than one clothespin ornament on our Christmas tree when I was a kid. It was so nostalgic to create these with Owen. It took me about 15 minutes per fairy. None of them are perfect, but all of them feel quite magical in their own way. I didn't follow a tutorial, just made it up as I wentalong, and here is what I ended up with! 



Until Next time,

xoxo, Megan E Badger

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