Meet the Moms: Abra Luce

Meet the Moms: Abra Luce

Hi! I’m Abra. My husband Dan and I live with our 3 kids in the Chicagoland area. Shortly after getting married in 2012, we started growing our family. We started with a puppy and adopted our chocolate lab, Lainey. Soon after, we started with human babies. Eversyn is 6 and Alden is almost 4. We thought we were done, but then we got a super sweet surprise with our third baby, Lennon who is now 2.


In a house of 3 kids 6 and under, there is rarely a dull moment! Eversyn was born to be a big sister. She’s helpful, imaginative and an old soul. She’s my artsy one. Whether she’s drawing, beading or just taping pieces of construction paper together... she always be creatin’. 

Alden is textbook middle child. He loves to be over the top on purpose to get us laughing. At the same time, he’s my most sensitive. Alden loves to cuddle and has all the big feelings. His favorite spot is to be mama’s “little spoon.”

Lennon is our firecracker. Tiny but mighty, we always say! After two pretty tame kids, Leni is the one who does all of the crazy things you hear about (drawing on walls, running out the back door in the middle of winter, etc). She embodies her dad’s personality and definitely is a daddy’s girl. 

As a family, we love being doing all of the traditional fun family things. We live for Halloween season. Cooking and baking are always happening with a few kids sitting on the counter. Movie nights on the floor with popcorn are probably our favorite. 


I document a lot of our lives on my Instagram: @abramercedes ... it’s not always pretty, it’s not always smooth sailing, but we are definitely laughing along the way! 

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