Mermaid Treasure // Crystal Seashells

Mermaid Treasure // Crystal Seashells


Mermaid Treasure // Crystal Seashells

You know the DIY projects that leave you yelling at your kids “THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN”? Well, this is NOT one of them. This project is simple, quick and has a pretty stunning result. It’s a slam-dunk. The first you’ll need to raid your weirdo collection of natural objects for seashells. Oh, you don’t have one of those? Ahem, me either. Totally. Well, you can buy some HERE, HERE or check the dollar store! (too much effort? I get it… go grab some rocks)

Then you’ll need powdered borax… you can find it in the laundry aisle at the grocery store or HERE. You’ll also need to find a large shallow dish. (I used a large Ziploc HERE container juuuuuust in case I had to throw it away ... spoiler alert: I didn’t)

Okay! You have all the things. Now you need to measure out 1 1/8c. of borax and dissolve it in your container with 6 cups of extremely hot water. You are smart enough not to involve your child in the almost boiling water part, correct?

When the water has cooled down a bit (I repeat: do not scald your child) you can start to place the shells in the container in a single layer. The part of the shell that is facing up will attract the crystals, so keep that in mind. Wash your hands when you are done. Borax is safe-ish but you don’t want to eat it. Did you hear that parents? Don’t let your child eat the laundry soap.

Now, tuck that bad boy away for the night and try not to touch it. In the morning, dump out the excess water and place your seashell bounty on paper towels to dry. Now you get to celebrate because you completed a project without yelling at your kids. CONGRATULATIONS!

We’ve displayed our mermaid treasure high on a windowsill but I think they would also be fun in a little glass jar.   If you managed to get through this without scalding your child, please tag me in your Instagram photos!

Carolyn (@thewishingelephant)

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