Putting the cute in Charcuterie

Putting the cute in Charcuterie

Let's talk snacks. They are my love language. I would choose snacks over a meal any day! Do you ever play that game with friends, you know, if you could choose your last meal, what would it be? Mine would be just a huge assortment of snacks and dips! That leads us here, love day snacking!

Any reason to put together a cute display that also fills my belly, sign me up! I have seen some of these bad boys floating around insta and I wanted to get in on it. I also love that there are zero rules when it comes to this.

Let's get into it. I planned a kid free date to Target and Trader Joe's with my sister to gather supplies. I knew I wanted it to be Valentine's day themed with a "healthy" balance of sweets as well as traditional snacks. I chose Target and TJ's for this reason, they have holiday themed goodies I knew would make this board pop. They did not disappoint! Let me give you a run down of what we have here!

 A few things....If you have never had chocolate hummus from Trader Joe's, or anywhere, you need too! It's amazing on both fruits and veggies, but also savory snacks as well. It's a slightly healthier way to do chocolate dip with kiddos. You will notice my Nilla waffers have been dipped. I am maybe too obsessed with this vanilla melting chocolate from Target, it's my go too when I need to give something a little extra flair. I half dipped a few pretzels along with the Nilla waffers and dipped them in Valentine's day sprinkles I found in the Target dollar spot! I also grabbed those silicone heart shaped dishes at the same time! 

I scoured my kitchen for a tray, as the first time I tried to assemble this, I did it on a flat board and everything rolled off. Cue my son running around the kitchen chasing dirty raspberries to shove in his mouth before he was told to stop. Definitely use a tray or something with edges if you plan on moving this after you put time and effort into making it look cute! I moved things around a few times. I found it looked best when I made sure same colored items where spread among st the board and not put side by side. I am really happy with how it turned out and will for sure be making this a Holiday tradition from here on out! 

Isn't she pretty! Let me note...those "fries" are marshmallow straws found in the Valentine candy aisle of Target!

I plan on making a version of this for Owen's class on the 14th. I can't wait to show up to the Valentine party as if I have my life this together! 

Now excuse me while I enjoy this little snack plate I made for myself out of my favorite items here!

Until next time!


Megan E Badger

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