Rainbow Tapestry DIY

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I'm back with another super simple, but impressive DIY. So, I am one of those moms that switches out decorations every Holiday in my sons room. While I know that isn't everyone's thing, it brings me so much joy. 
I was really struggling to find something I didn't hate that would work well for both Spring and St Patrick's Day without being super cheesy,  but would also work in his room. As I searched and searched, I came across the most beautiful Macrame Wall hanging....that was $137. I figured I could make a much more dumbed down version of that gorgeous art work way cheaper.
Thus, this was born. This was surprisingly calming to make. I knew I wanted a rainbow theme, as that is what Owen's room is, but I also wanted to have an easy and cute photo prop for St Patrick's day photos because that is how my crazy brain works. But in reality, you can use any color yarn you want, in any width, in any variations. This is completely up to your personal taste. 
So, here is what you need! Scissors, A wooden dowel, Rope to hang it, Yarn. That is it. I used a 36" Wooden dowel that was 1/2" thick. You can literally use anything...even a found stick! I also used this yarn, because it was $2.09 per skein. The colors I personally used are as follows: Claret, Lavender, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Sunny Day, Gold, Pumpkin, Bright Sky Blue, Soft Rose, Lippy, Sky Light, Teal. With a single strand of this white in between.
The process is easy. I simply cut 12 40" strands of each color. Out of each 12 strands, I separated them into 3 groups of 4. That way, I would have three equal loops of each color on the dowel when I was done. I cut each color one at a time so I wouldn't have huge piles getting all messed up as they waited to be used. It was seriously so relaxing to assemble. I made this one in the time it took Owen and I to watch Frozen 2 for the 137th time.
Here is how you do it!
If you make one, PLEASE tag us! I love seeing our DIY's in action!
Until next time,
XOXO, Megan E Badger


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