The Ultimate Boo Basket

The Ultimate Boo Basket

It has come to my attention that there are things called Boo Baskets! I had no idea. Since we will be out of town for Halloween and spending most of the day in an airport (bad planning on my part), My tiny boo won't have the pleasure of Trick or Treating to collect his BOO-ty (I'm not sorry for that pun). Also, I am Extra, and love a good theme. So this being a great alternative to candy that sits in a bucket on top of my refrigerator for 6 months that he didn't even collect himself, in combination with the idea of a fun new tradition, this feels like a win/win. This is also a really great alternative for kiddos with allergies, where trick or treating just isn't an option!

I have gathered some of my favorite Halloween finds to create the Ultimate Halloween Morning Boo Basket for any kiddo! 

Let's go! Here are some things I am loving for this little project.

1. This purse from Sweat Tea Pie is maybe the sweetest little pocket book I ever did see! // 2. This Wooden Halloween Play wand from Hanson Wooden Toys // 3. These spooky but fun temporary tattoos from Ducky Street // 4. Basically anything from Bubu and Moonch, but especially these stickers , these bat pins & my very fav, this amazing witch! // 5. One of these too cute, easy to print and assemble Halloween Flags from Whimsical Darling Co. // 6. This $5.99 little Boo Stuffy  // 7. Owen's very favorite Halloween book! // 8. Meri Meri Surprise Balls // 9. And, basically anything you toss in your cart without thought from the Target Bulls eye Playground 


Now comes the fun! Assembly time.

Grab any old bucket, I am a huge fan of this Bucket, a $1 find from Target. Throw in the perfect Halloween day TWE pullover and make some spooky fun!

And there you have it! Drop a comment and tell me what you would want in your boo bucket!

Happy Haunting Friends!

xoxo, Megan

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