Treat your Galentine!

Treat your Galentine!

One of my favorite things about Valentine's Day, besides that it is a holiday literally about loving others, is the whole Galentine's Day aspect of it all. I know it's not everyone's thing, but for me, it's all about spoiling, loving and lifting other females up. Showing them the love they deserve. For me, there is nothing more important than my gal pals. They are the support system that us moms need. Whether they be your childhood chums, your college roomies, hometown buds or your pocket friends, you know, the ones you met through your shared love of baby clothes and products. The ones you met in brand run spaces that are now your most loyal and loving ride or dies. For me, it's the latter, I don't know where I would be without my side chat besties cheering me on.

I know I tend to focus on the little's over here on the blog, but this one goes out to our best grown up gals! Let's talk about all my favorite little gifts, from my fav shops, to spoil your best babes with this Galentine's season! It doesn't take a big budget to show how much your girls mean to you!

1. Monogram Flask : This gorgeous rose gold flask is the perfect gift to take along on your probably long over due girls weekend. Flasks not your thing? Have no fear, Pretty Collected has the best assortment of gorgeous mugs for you coffee loving pals as well!

2. Carbs : I mean, who doesn't love carbs? When I think of what my ideal girls night looks's a lot of yoga pants, pasta and a movie no one is actually watching because we are too busy chatting in my living room. All I know is, my best gals deserve to have more fun carb recipes in their lives. Nothing says love like pizza, pasta and tacos.

3.Cookies! : Okay, let's keep talking carbs for a second. Nothing says love like cookies delivered to your door. If you have never tried Milk cookies, trust me, send them to your best girl, but also to yourself. You deserve it!

4. Hair Accessories :  These amazing Evie Pearl Handmade clips, Because there isn't a mom on earth that doesn't need cute things to keep her hair out of her face while she expertly juggles life. Much like a good friend, good hair clips keep your hair held back when needed.

5.True Crime is my Valentine Tee:  This Magnolia Made Creative tee is not only super soft and size inclusive, but the perfect gift for your true crime loving gals to let them know you are thinking of them. Heck, grab one for yourself too and cuddle up on the couch with your bestie and rock out to the all your favorite murder docs!

6. Wink & A Kiss: The gift of self care! Give your girl a wink, tell her to chill and relax while you watch her kids for an hour while she showers and masks in peace. The best gift I can think of is alone time! Now that is galentine goals.

7. Tits Up! Pin : Because there isn't a friend on earth that doesn't need a little encouragement from time to time. And nothing says, "I got you boo" like a loving reminder from your bestie stuck right on your lapel! 

8. Encouraging Pencils: We all have that friend that loves journaling and talking about feelings too much (me, I'm that friend), remind her how much you care every time she picks up the led to journal about all those bottled up emotions! 

9. Wine Labels: Grab your girls favorite bottle of wine and throw on one of these amazing wine tags and cheers to friendship! Throwing a Galentine party? These would make great place cards/favors as well. Grab a bottle for each girl, and hang one of these bad boys on it. $5 never made you look more like a pulled together host!

10. Heart Earrings: Because who doesn't love a little bling. I am crushing so hard on these Little Arrow studs!

11. Valentine: And when all else fails, say it with an old fashioned, tear away Valentine.

Happy Galentine Gifting Babes, until next time!


Megan E Badger

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