TWE Halloween-A guide to a few simple, quick and practical costumes!

TWE Halloween-A guide to a few simple, quick and practical costumes!

It feels like it never fails. The last minute, 'need a costume for yet another Halloween party' shuffle. The need for a costume you can comfortably throw your kiddos in for school that doesn't require breaking the dress code, a ton of time or breaking into the savings account. 

I am here to give you some easy, some cozy and some classic costumes that meet the three basic requirements of last minute madness. Affordable, comfortable, and easy to toss in a backpack with little effort to assemble.

We are going to take my four favorite items from the TWE Halloween Collection and turn them into my four favorite classic Halloween costumes. A witch, a skeleton, a princess and the ultimate classic costume, a ghost.

Let's go!


First up, the Skeleton!

Side, but important note: These gorgeous photos, and any other incredible apple orchard photos you see in this post, were captured by the always magical, always amazing Hillary Dubie of Hillary Dubie Photography. Check her out on insta too and give her some love, she is seriously the most talented and wonderful woman I know. Okay, back to costumes.

I made this skull mask in about an hour. I have created a simple template if you want to do the same. Find stencil one here and stencil two here . If DIY isn't your thing, there are endless adorable masks, like this one on Etsy or this incredible one from Opposite of Far . Dax is wearing a PJ top under his tee, which is brilliant and so cozy. Here are a few of my fav skeleton pj's that would look adorable! These from Target , This super affordable set from Kohl's, this cute set from Cotton On or these one piece number for your tiny boo from Old Navy would all work like a charm!


Next up, The Princess

Disclaimer: I only have boys at my disposal for photos (My 1.5 year old Niece wasn't having it!), but since I believe all things are for all kiddos, it's no biggie. I'm just bummed not to have both boys and girls to show you this time!

The princess, what little doesn't want to be magical for a day! This one is super easy and super up for interpretation. We happen to have this Meri Meri Crown & this Wand/Cape set on hand, so it worked perfectly. But you could use anything in your childs closet or make anything in a hurry. Here are a few other options I found on while online shopping: this $3.50 headband from Target with this tutu dress under the Peach pullover would be dreamy! Or this crown set with the pink pullover and a cute pair of sparkle leggings would be cozy, cute and totally re-wearable after the Halloween festivities have come to an end.


Moving on to the next, The Ghost!

The Ghost, Now, this is Owen's costume from last year. I made it by simply hand stitching 3 yards of white tulle onto a wide white grosgrain ribbon and cutting the bottom to look kind of rough. I simply tied the ribbon around his neck for easy on/off costuming. To make it an even quicker DIY costume, simply use liquid stitch to adhere the tulle to the ribbon and boom! You have a fast and easy ghost costume to throw in a backpack and toss over the white Best or Boos TWE pullover. The best part about this costume is that you can't mess it up. It's a ghost, no one really knows what they look like. Unless you have seen one, and if you have, call me, I have lot's of questions! Anyway, This would make an adorable bff costume as well!

And Finally, The Classic Witch

The witch, the most classic costume of all time, and my personal go to as a kid! Another one that would be too cute as a bff costume using both best and witches, or even the black stay magical! We used this Skirt, and this hat and wand set from H&M here, but there are endless options: Let me drop some links for you!

This Cotton On Tulle skirt & This Witch hat are a dream team

These Target Leggings with This Hat

This Silver Star Skirt paired with this Velvet cape and hat 

this skirt, these knee highs paired with this headband

Or my personal favorite: this Zara cape, hat, skirt and wand!

The options are so endless!


And when All Else Fails!

 And there you go! I hope this eases some of your Holiday stress! Don't forget to tag #TWEHALLOWEEN19 so we can see all your TWE Happy Haunting adventures!


Until next time, XOXO Megan

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