A New Room For Taylor!

A New Room For Taylor!

tailors room makeover

Taylor is our ever enthusiastic and creative 6 year old. Her room is small and hadn't been updated since the nesting days. When she came to us and asked for a "new room" we were more than ready to help. One Pinterest board and many hours of discussion later we started her epic room flip!

betties girls bedding

The first area we decided to tackle was the bed. When we found Beddy's, we also fell in love.  This genius bedding eliminates one of the biggest parenting struggles.. getting your littles to make the bed!  Taylor has a day bed from Ikea and making the bed can be a nightmare. Beddy's fits over the mattresses like a fitted sheet and the supersoft blanket zips up like a sleeping bag. Best. Bedding. Ever.

blue house joys canopy

Next we searched around for canopy and FELL IN LOVE with Blue House Joys.  BHJ also makes gorgeous floor pillows and book slings so you can essentially outfit your whole room here. Since Taylor's room is small, we picked a classic white canopy to help keep the room light and bright. These handmade play canopies are sewn using a drapey, sheer cotton gauze fabric. (pro tip...signing up for the newsletter will save you 15%)

canopy girls bed

This room is blessed with two very large windows which essentially take up an entire wall.  It didn't take us long to realize that the unused space in-between the windows would be the perfect bow station.  We are so lucky to have two Baby Jives bow holders and a pretty stellar collection of Mina Loves Bows clips. WARNING: your daughter will dilly dally at the bow station... be prepared.

baby jives bow holder

mina loves bows

We all want our kids to read more so sprucing up a book nook is worth the effort. We set up our reading nook with  Tnees Tepee's and one of their super soft faux fur rugs. Reading has never been so coveted in our house! We added a string of our flower lights (find the tutorial here) to give Taylor that fairy feel she was looking for. EDIT: We've had so many request for our Slay Your Own Dragon wall hanging that we've decided to produce a limited run. Find them here.

tnees tepees unicorn

Obviously we are a family that loves dress up. We decided to add clear hooks to this previously unused corner of the room and transform it into a pretend play area. Most items are TWE but these gorgeous rainbow wings are from our friends Tree and Vine. Thank you for reading, I hope you found some makeover inspiration!

the wishing elephant

girls costume

flower fairy costume

slay your own dragon




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