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Introduction & a Halloween DIY

Posted by megan badger on

Hi, Hello, I'm new here! Hi Friends, I'm Megan and gahhhh, I'm just so excited to be here! Let me quickly introduce myself before we jump into this blogging thing. I'm a pretty basic New England Mom that loves a heavily themed party, soft pretzels, weekly trips to Target and probably too many visits to Starbucks. Like I said; pretty basic. Some fun (?) facts about little old me: I love over using exclamation points, creating flat lays, meticulously planning my sons wardrobe while ignoring my own, snacks, blogging over on my Badger Style Co. blog and shopping small. I love powerful woman, graphic design,...

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Kids Flower Crown Tutorial

Posted by Carolyn Caffelle on

My daughter is forever pointing out purple things and flowers. It's a crazy jackpot when we see purple flowers.Needless to say, when we walked into the craft store and right into a wall of purple flowers, we NEEDED TO BUY THEM.While she was picking out ALL the flowers, I was racking my brain for a project. That's when it popped in my head - flower crown.  This project was so simple and quick. It really only took about 30 minutes. You'll need:Fake flowersWrapped floral wireFloral tapeWire clippersFlower picking: keep it simple. The smaller the better (seriously they look smaller in...

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