Melting Monsters and My Blogiversary!

Melting Monsters and My Blogiversary!

I have to admit, I can't believe it has been a year of blogging here on The Wishing Elephant! TWE is a small but well oiled machine run owned and operating by Carolyn with her assistant Fawn. When I say working with them is a freaking dream, I mean it! Carolyn has allowed me to take complete control here and run with what I love, and today, we are going to do a small run through of my fav blog moments along with give you a little glimpse of how I celebrated this milestone this past weekend. Honestly, I am always looking for a reason for a cocktail and a buffet of sweets, so why not make up a party and get to honoring the time we have been virtually together crafting, styling and eating!

First things first, let's get into the good stuff! The drink! Let's get you situated with something to sip on while we take a walk down memory lane! I knew I wanted something spooky, as my first post here was just as Halloween was heating up last year, so I decided to go with an all time face, Melting monsters! 

I have to admit, Owen was more excited than I was and thought it was hilarious that he was drinking up a monster, even pretending he has "monster fuzz" in his! We will be recreating this recipe for our at home Halloween celebration this year!


 And, as any good bar tender knows, You can't serve a drink without treats! I have to be honest, I had this whole cupcake with printable liners ready to rock, but I really can't frost a cupcake to save my life. So I scrapped that and went to the think I can do! DIP. There is nothing I love more than dips. SO, Owen and I raided the cookie aisle at our local grocery and got all our fav sweets to do a good ole fashioned chocolate fondue dip table! It was scary sweet and a huge hit. The thing I really love here, is it is totally customizable to your tastes as well as party size. We grabbed this chocolate to make my life easy and assembled a huge tables worth of things to dip! We will also be recreating this for Halloween!

 I just used things we had around the house to build a fun little dipping display! And as you can see below, we took the left over monster eye candies and tossed them into the dipping chocolate. I also put some small jars of sprinkles around in case anyone wanted to spook up their chocolate dipped pretzels and treats!

Now that you have your drinks and your snacks ready, Let's talk about some of my favorite blog moments from the last 12 months!

I have to say, my best boo bracelet tutorial still remains one of my top moments, not only was it my first post, but it really ignited my Halloween spirit last year! We had a blast making these bracelets and we actually just started a new set of kits for his classmates this year!

You can revisit that blog HERE


My second favorite post was this DIY Wrapping paper! It was one of those on a whim, want to make something special type moments. Owen and I had so much fun stamping and painting paper for all our loved ones for Christmas last year and instantly became a new tradition! I have some fun stamp ideas lined up for this year!

You can find that blog post HERE

And since we are talking Christmas, I can't not remind you of this super easy and fun DIY Advent Calendar we made! It was so easy but made a huge splash! Should I do another DIY Advent calendar this year?? Thoughts? Drop a comment down below and let me know!


You can revisit that blog HERE

And last but not least, another favorite DIY Decorating moment. Our Rainbow Tapestry we created for St. Patrick's Day! We actually still have it hanging up in Owens room to this day!

You can revisit this DIY here! You can also switch up the colors and make one for any holiday at all!

So there you have it, a small review and walk down memory lane with me! It has been such an honor to spend the last 365 days in this small corner of the internet with you all! 

Until next time,


Megan E Badger

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